Robin Howe, Chief Financial Officer

Robin has over 20 years of experience in Finances, Accounting and Human Resources with roughly 15 of those years being spent in the medical industry. His unique experience allows him to manage the sustained growth of Santa Barbara Fertility Center as well as the newly completed Coastal View Surgery Center. He was the principal of his own business since 2008 where he worked mainly with medical companies, but also with various clients ranging from small local businesses, social media start-ups, music industry companies and other media corporations. He has also held a position as Executive Assistant for an International Author and Philanthropist. In addition, he has held positions as Controller and Director of Human Resources where he managed over 50 employees and independent contractors. He is professionally fulfilled by solving problems, but ultimately finds the greatest satisfaction in working for a cause bigger than himself as found here at Santa Barbara Fertility Center. Though his education is in Business Administration, he has great interest in inspiring people to be their best and work as a team. He is a fifth generation Santa Barbara resident, musician, and surfer; and has been friends with Doctor Allen since they were teenagers.

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